What Stresses Me Out as a Cosplayer

Cosplay, while it can be a very fun activity, can also be quite stressful.

Since I am a cosplayer who buys cosplays instead of creating them from scratch, I figure that my stress is lower than the others who do.

Some of the things that stress me out however, are the fact that I am a plus size woman, and most cosplay outfits made for purchase are made for smaller sized women. I always have to purchase XL or XXL sizes, and while I love my curves, it is annoying that most of the time the *uber kawaii* things such as kitty tights are unavailable to me.

*good news, I found some plus size ones at Torrid, they’re gone though, before I could purchase them, tears*

And I would like to add that many plus-size things are more expensive because they are specialized clothes and use more material.

So it stresses me out purchasing clothing for cosplay because it’s either not available, overpriced, or I must buy it in the biggest size because I don’t create my own custom size costumes.

A second thing that stresses me out is large, smelly, loud, rambunctious crowds. Cosplayers glomp and yell and get over excited and sometimes inappropriately touch strangers. Some of them are very socially inept and do not understand proper social cues or appropriate physical distance from another human being. Some stalk or become enamored with their fantasy and drool over more revealing cosplayers.

Some cosplayers wear the same cosplay for three days without a shower. Some have no hotel room and sleep on the hotel hall floors. (True story: I did this at the Gaylord at Katsucon 2013, I had a hotel room but I was out late.)

Constantly having to push past or wait in line for hours while hungry, dehydrated, tired and sore from walking can be incredibly irritating by the end of the day.

Thirdly I will say that money stressed me out. Conventions are expensive. One needs money for the ticket, the hotel, food, cosplay and shopping. True, one could not shop, carry food, not cosplay, not stay in a hotel and just drive up for the day and return, and even volunteer as staff for free entry, but c’mon, that takes all the fun out of it.

Fourthly, cosplay comparison stressed me out. I have improved over the last five years of cosplaying, but the only reason my cosplays began as sub-par was simply and issue of money. I could have been wearing the quality outfits I am wearing now back then if I had the money to spare.

When I look at top quality cosplayers who have won awards and have epic suits and body armor I can’t help but be incredibly envious. One day I would like to walk in a giant seven foot robot suit, or wear dull battle body armor or a giant furry fox costume. Most of these items however are painstakingly created, and I know, in truth, that I don’t care to dedicate all the blood, sweat, tears, time and money, to build those things.

Of course there are other things that stress me out as a cosplayer and I will add them as I think of them. I would say however that these would be my top three cosplay stressors.

Feel free to comment below what stresses you out as a cosplayer!


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