Why I HATE the term “New Black”

  • this is an unfinished blog and will be continued later


What the hell is “New Black?”


Well what the hell was “Old Black”

There is no one way to be Black.

There never has been and there never will be, no matter how much people try to create a required ideal Black citizen.

It never will exist because different Black people desire other Black people to do different things: Below I’ll list different types of Black people I know of and have encountered. Prepare to be offended because these characters really do exist, and if you happen to be one of them and don’t agree with my scathing description, then this blog is not for you.

  1. The Hotep: vegan, mysogynist (also keep in mind this does not eclude mysogynist women who accept a submissive role as owing every Black Man her body, mind, and soul), focuses on Egypt and pyramids and pharoahs as the only representaiton of Africa, Black people are superior, super woke and concious and knows everything else that others don’t know, gives many know-it-all lectures

2. The Lost Black Otaku: emphasis on lost. This is the otaku who has no interest in their blackness at all, pretty much rejects it and desires to be Asian, date Asians exclusively, fully indulge into all things Asian without differentiating cultural Asian differences (lumping Chinese, Japanese & Korean etc as one) only draws white looking Japanese anime characters, speaks Japanese frequently, changes name to Japanese, perms hair then spikes it to look like an anime character

3. The bougie “higher than thou” college, grad school or doctorate grad: thinks that through behaving respectfully and through education that racism can be thwarted. Brags about education, hates ebonics and everything ghetto and looks down upon people such as those as inferior.

4. The ratchet hood niggas: Believes in nihilism: “I don’t give a fuck bout nothin’, I ain’t shit, no one can tell me shit, and shit ain’t got nothin’ to do w me.

5. Uncle Toms & Coons: people who defend Whites as innocent, more powerful, smart, successful and superior and that Black people better change and recognize who is really in charge. These people will betray in a heartbeat and are not to be trusted. Overseer mentality. These people would rather dine on their knees for the scraps off a white table they are not invited to sit at, then commune with small village food shared among their own people.

6. Super religious Holiness Church Folk: fundamental, hypocritical, judgmental, shames many things, everything is evil and the Devil in their eyes. These people may also worship “White Jesus” and the colonized images imposed upon us that do not properly reflect the true image of the Middle Eastern Brown Skinned Jesus as well as his followers. If someone struggles, it’s God punishing them and prayer will solve any problem: mental illness, sickness, racism etc.

(Disclaimer: I am a Christian myself) but what I’m discussing is people who depend on prayer solely, they reject medicine, therapy or other means of healing and do further damage by denying the existence of problems that could be helped by people here on Earth in addition to prayer.)

7. Paper Chasers “I’m gettin’ mines”: These people also deny their Blackness and deny any affiliation to any group. They are self serving money chasers, they don’t fight for any causes and only care about get theirs and moving on.

8. Blacktivists: very passionate warriors, but can become obsessed with the cause and abandon any other aspect of life apart from the cause. Their entire being is the cause and nothing else.

Disclaimer: These are generalizations, and these are examples of characters I have met. It is not to say that EVERYONE who identifies as these are exactly like this: for example: I probably fall into the bougie educated character for most people.




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