Dodging Tomatoes: A Story of Often Sticking with an Unpopular Opinion

  • this blog is unfinished and will be finished later

I usually have unpopular opinions

But I also know that those opinions are not forever unpopular most of the time: One of those opinions being that

  • LGBTQ people deserve equal rights
  • That being LGBTQ is not sinful
  • That there are LGBTQ people who can be and who are Christians

Just to name a few

Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s this was not the majority opinion or the popular opinion, at least openly.

It was still quite controversial and many people fought over it.

So I think that whenever someone has an unpopular opinion that it’s very important to remember that it might be unpopular only for a time or even within the specific space that you’re in.

And that it’s also very hard to know people’s true feelings, because what they voice is not always how they truly feel on the inside.

Because I remember when advocating for anything LGBTQ related instantly had people questioning and individual’s sexuality, and due to that alone, there were people who quietly or secretly supported it, simply because they did not want to be labeled LGBTQ when they were a straight ally in actuality.

Another unpopular opinion I had was that of amnesty towards undocumented immigrants.

I was viewed as someone who advocated for criminals which technically by legal terms, is correct.

But plenty of good people, leaders, activists and humanitarians have been labeled as criminals.

Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, even Jesus Christ were all “criminals.”

So being a criminal is no measure of morality. Laws can be wrong. Runaway slaves were “fugitive criminals” for crying out loud!

In another blog I will state the many reasons why I stand for amnesty for undocumented immigrants but in the blog I’ll simply state what I stand for.

I believe that undocumented immigrants are entitled to some human rights.

I believe if an undocumented immigrant has worked hard and contributed to society with no legal crimes, that they do deserve full citizenship.

I believe that it’s unfair to the children of undocumented immigrants to suffer from having their parents deported. In those cases I feel the parents should be given amnesty, if they are crime free and contributing to the work force.

I believe that undocumented immigrants should have some language accommodations provided (if available) if they are non-English speaking.