We Are Not All Royalty, Nor Are We Gods

It has always disturbed me, the notion that Black people, all Black people, that every individual, from birth, due to African ancestry, is by blood and lineage, royalty.

I would like to firstly point out that everyone’s African ancestors were not Kings or Queens, some were servants or slaves in Africa. Every Black person did not descend from royalty.

It has also always disturbed me, the notion that Black people, all Black people, that every individual, from birth, due to African ancestry, is, by blood and lineage, a literal god.

Do humans not bleed and die? Do humans not need oxygen, water and food to survive? Do humans live forever or alter universal dimensions on a mass scale?

No human being is a god.

Some will argue that this is not a statement about literal god-hood, but more so a statement about being “the god of your own destiny.”

However while it is admirable to be self-determined and self-fulfilling, as a Christian, I also believe in fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives.

I don’t believe in solely leaning on our own understanding, and attempting to fulfill our own destinies based on what and how we think we will achieve it.

Yes. I am a Christian woman, but even if I wasn’t a Christian woman, an atheist believes in no monotheistic God, polytheistic gods existing, including the “god claim” from humans.

I am also a Black woman, and I have seen posts and memes floating around the internet that the “Black woman” is God.

Hear me out.

I am NOT saying that God cannot be a woman or Black, but to me, the almighty God is beyond what we classify as humans as gender or race. Those are categories that humans came up with. (Sex and gender are not the same) Also, if all humans are a reflection of God then in essence we all look like God. I can’t conceive of the complex makeup of who God is but God in the bible has appeared as many things, not just a divine human form, but a burning bush and other non-human essences.

To me I perceive God as a shape-shifter with no singular form and no singular language. If that were the case, how could God appear to a Chinese speaker, a child, deaf or blind person? Spoken language is not the only form of communication.

Spiritual connection can be felt physically, emotionally, mentally, not just verbally or visually.

So while I have no issue with people saying that God could be a Black woman, as in God could take on that form when appearing to someone in spiritual furor. I very much enjoy the concept of God within the story of “The Shack” with a multicultural representation of God forms presented.

I do however find it very troubling the concept that the human Black woman, that any Black woman is in fact a literal god or goddess.

How people came to that conclusion despite all human flaws and limitations, I do not know, but despite how nice it may seem to be elevated to such a level, I do not want to be worshipped as a god by anyone. One very famous woman comes to mind, who is often worshipped, Beyonce and her Beyhive stans, but that’s a blog for another time.

Celebrity worship absolutely disgusts me. I love Rihanna, shout out to all Rihanna Navy! I’m a big fan, but some people really carry their fanaticism too far into the realm of idol worship, and that I am vehemently against for several reasons.

Some will call the Black woman the Black “womban” because all of humanity originated in Africa from an African Black woman. This is a true fact and is undeniable.

But even with that elevated status of being the second human in creation to create every living being on Earth it still doesn’t grant god status.

Someone or something had to create the woman that created all of humanity.

Someone or something had to create the man and woman who procreated.

And if the two of them are creations then they are less than gods and something greater created them, whether it was God or the universe or the Big Bang or Star Dust or something else.

It is important to note that the Christian concept of God differs greatly from the for example Greek concept of gods. Greek gods are like humans with powers. Greek gods are flawed and can be wicked and make mistakes, but they are super powerful.

To me, a true god is flawless and perfect and there can only be one, so that is the realm in which I am speaking of. If one believes that gods can be flawed, as well as wicked, as well as there be multiple gods then perhaps the “Black Womban” concept is a feasible reality for them.

Still however, it is strange to me to ever claim that someone who is mortal is a god/goddess.

I am aware of some religions that believe in god/goddess possession or god/goddess reincarnation.

But I digress.

I believe in uplifting Black people, especially Black women, but there is a line that should not be crossed.

Unfortunately I find that among Hoteps there are some very problematic attitudes and beliefs and one of those exists the believe that any Black human woman is god herself.

That she is somehow inherently above any other woman of any other race.

And that still leaves the question of what about mixed women, of which there are many? Are they demi-gods or have they lost their god status because their pure, royal, god blood has been tainted by the White man or another non-Black POC?

Honestly the whole concept is completely ridiculous to me, and it’s just as ridiculous as claims to pure blood Blackness.

Many, many Blacks are mixed and don’t know or don’t acknowledge it.

Part of the reason is due to the fact that society rarely allows us to acknowledge it or be seen as anything else but pure Black.

The law is against it, referencing the the one drop rule from slavery which is still an existing concept today. It is still due to that why Barack Obama who is half white is referred to as a Black African American and not biracial. In truth he is as someone called him: a “halfrican” lol.

Empowerment of any kind crosses the line when it implies or pushes for concepts of superiority. Equality isn’t enough for some people and no, equality has not been reached in society yet.

When someone feels insecure, telling themselves these kinds of things pumps them up.

I will admit that for awhile there, on the surface, I enjoyed the hotep Blacks more than the hood Blacks because the hood Black guys (in general) were very disrespectful to Black woman.

They would fantasize and fetishize white hoes, or women of other races i.e. Asian, Hispanic, mixed anything non-Black.

They would make fun of Black women’s hair and dress and skin tone and speech etc.

Idolize, fetishize, degrade Black or mixed video vixens

Hold a double standard for the behavior of Black Women vs. women of other races.

They would do this all the while their poor single mother is breaking her back to help him survive.

What a slap in the face!

I used to enjoy meeting hotep men who greeted me calling me “Queen” every time I was addressed. It made me feel good about myself and elevated.

Meeting people who really, sincerely thought that I was super special, not just special, but exclusively, rarely special.

They exclusively sought out women who looked like me, and after hearing from so many other Black guys why they would never date within their race because all Black Women are this and that (negative statements) I felt elated to meet men who took great pleasure in the way I looked naturally, literal kinks and all, it made me feel priceless.

But that’s just what it appears as on the surface. It is a facade.

What I have found when you dig deeper is that, a “proper” Black Queen requires a “proper” behavior, way of thinking, dress and lifestyle.

A proper Black Queen only exclusively dates Black Kings.

A proper Black Queen is only heterosexual.

A proper Black Queen is vegan.

A proper Black Queen wears daishikis, ankhs, head wraps, clothes from the motherland, not Western (The White man’s) clothing.

A proper Black Queen only wears her hair natural.

A proper Black Queen dedicates her life to uplifting and elevating Black people (especially the Black man) even to her own detriment.

A proper Black Queen does not follow the White Man’s Christian brainwashing but rather follows spiritual guidance of the universe, perhaps nature stones, the Orishas, Voodoo, or Islam.

In every group their is discourse. All hoteps are not the same. All hoteps do not agree. There are things I agree on with hoteps and things that I do not. I would say that I agree with roughly about one third of hotep rehetoric. To me it starts out on a good note, and I nod my head in agreement, but then it carries off past a line I cannot ethically cross.

Some hotep rhethoric is mysogynistic, sexist, homophobic and extremely prejudice, discriminatory and ought right ignorant.

There are obviously bad White people. There are obviously racist White people. There are however, no INHERENT White devils. White babies know nothing of White supremacy, racism or of their societal classified Whiteness.

White babies are taught those things. White babies aren’t born being that way. White babies can be taught differently and live differently than their peers. Yes, it’s true, no one can help the privilege that they’re born into, but they can be raised with awareness and become helpful allies.

Think of the White abolitionists, the Quakers, the White civil rights allies who chose to fight and die for a cause they did not have to fight. Thomas Garret and John Brown to name a few.

Simply being White, and simply being Black, which are societal classifications does not create inherent wickedness, superiority, inferiority, god-status, royalty, class or morality.

It sickens me that this rhetoric is spreading within a small community.

But I fear that the worse racism gets in the United States, the more popular this kind of rhetoric will become, and it’s due to the fact that people are looking for love and validation, as I was.

But I am a critical thinker, and I investigated the depth of these believes, I researched the sources, I analyzed and critiqued. I am with some of it, I am not with all of it. I support empowerment, but there is a line that should not be crossed. When someone is bullied, it’s hard not to become a bully yourself.

It’s hard to resist that temptation. If someone can’t bully their personal bully, then sometimes they will bully whoever is less than them, (hence the bullying of Black Women by Black Men or the bullying of Black LGBTQ by Black Heterosexual People and religious Black People.)

It’s a shame that we have all these societal divisions. It’s a shame that we as a people shame one another for disagreeing. We are individuals, first and foremost, even if society views as a monolith.

While my opinions are often unpopular I will not seize voicing them. I live and I grow and I change each and every day. Introduction to new perspectives affects me and I take a lot of consideration and conscious time to ponder new ideas. I try my best to be aware of my biases as well as others and take into consideration where people are coming from and how their background has affected their conclusions about how life works.

One thing I never want to do however, is define the world based on painful experiences. If I solely did that, then I would be well within my rights to hate White people, Men, Heterosexual people, Popular people (non-Nerds) etc.

When I was angry and broken down I said to my father, who is a man, that I hated men, in tears, because I was hurt.

He looked me in the eyes and asked, “Do you hate me?”

I replied, “No, of course not.”

He asked, “Do you love me?”

I replied, “Of course! You love me! You treat me right.”

Then he asked, “Do you hate your paternal grandfather?”

I replied, “No of course not!” He then asked, “Do you love your paternal grandfather?”

I replied, “Yes, of course! He loves me! He treats me right.”

Then he asked, “Do you hate your maternal grandfather?”

I replied, “No of course not!” He then asked, Do you love your maternal grandfather?”

I replied, “Yes, of course! He loves me! He treats me right.”

He kept naming the names of men and boys in my life who were good to me and treated me with love and kindness and finally I dried my tears and realized the error of my ways.

I was getting in my feelings a judging an entire group of people and completely ignoring the love of my father, my grandfathers, my male cousins and friends.

Hurt feelings don’t justify mass judgment, vengeance or generalization.

But what really sucks about this whole thing is that too many Black people, are completely absent of positive blood-related male role models who have treated them with love and kindness.

It is an epidemic that has truly denied our daughters and sons of what they truly need. This is no knock on people who grew up in single parent or same sex female homes, but I will say that positive male role models in anyone’s life, blood related or otherwise, are very vital to a healthy development as a human being. Just my opinion*

Every day I try and try and try my hardest to hold back the anger, tears and resentment as a marginalized individual.

One day I could snap, just like anyone else could snap.

That’s the fear of our oppressors, that one day, we’ll all just snap and attack.

But perhaps that’s also what they’re hoping for, so that they’ll feel fully justified in enacting a mass genocide.

But that’s the sort of thing that is done to innocents anyway, so honestly, a mass snap really isn’t necessary to justify it. The news propaganda already allows twisted stories to create an atmosphere in which those kinds of crimes, such as police brutality, are slanted to look justified and necessary.

But I digress.

Trying to be fair in an unfair world is extremely difficult. I could just live with an idgaf attitude, and state that since I don’t get treated right, I won’t treat others right, or that I’ll only treat the people who treat me right, right and the ones who don’t I won’t.

But that would be against my Christian beliefs, my moral and ethical beliefs, and my conscience.

I believe in love. I believe and know that people need love, even the nasty characters because I don’t know how low they feel or how bad life has beaten them down.

Honestly, even though really shitty people exist who don’t gaf about anyone or anything, I’d rather risk being screwed knowing I helped a hurting person, than just go through life denying anyone help from me for fear of getting screwed. People will suffer greatly if I have that attitude.

Someone is praying for someone like me to come and help. Someone out there needs an angel. Anyone can be the answer to someone else’s prayer.

So at the end of the day no, I am not God nor a goddess, but I can affect the universe in ways that are bigger than my own understanding, and in that way, I become god-like, because I am like God. That’s good enough for me. I don’t need to be a god or God herself.

I am a fearfully and wonderfully made creation. I can affect change that ripples like a stone bouncing on the surface of the ocean water.

Through great discipline, conscious mediation, in depth investigation, as well as diverse education, I shall become a better individual and a greater human being.

I am a very smart, strong, beautiful human creation,

And no one can ever convince me otherwise.