Alternate Realities: The Before President Barack Obama generation vs. The Present Barack Obama generation

-This blog is unfinished and will be finished later

I think it’s crazy to note how dynamically impactful the election of Barack Obama was but even more so the paradox between generations. His election means something different to me, than it does to my parents, than it does to my grandparents. I also think however that those who were born into the Barack Obama generation were born in a reality of a Black President, not being a groundbreaking thought to be impossible phenomenon but rather a standard reality.

I could sit here and get down in the dumps about our next upcoming president, but what purpose would that serve? In listening intently and in tears to the President’s farewell address he noted that it is up to the citizen’s to make change and not to take our democracy for granted. He is very correct. If I had a mission to make change before he was in office and during, I ought not stop now simply because the stakes are higher and things look more grim.

In fact I should be thankful, because even though the climate has opened the doors for racists and hateful people to be more open and bold about their actions and beliefs, it saves me the consequences of trusting hidden enemies who would betray me. We are safer being aware and knowing who is against us and wishes us harm.

It is more dangerous living and not knowing who to look out for or protect yourself from, in that way, it is a blessing in disguise.