My Christian Relationship with Atheists

-this is an unfininished blog, it shall be continued later

I am a Christian woman.

But I am a liberal, leftist Christian woman.

Which while some may consider those to be polar opposites, they actually are not.

If one properly studies the teachings of Jesus, a lot of his teachings were leftist, rebellious teachings that were against the Roman government and traditional fundamentalist beliefs of the Jews of that day.

My experience with atheists is different than my relationship with atheists.

In general I remember my first known encounter with atheists was at art school.

There was one particular individual who I will never forget who was formerly Catholic and had become an atheist. When he found out that I was Catholic he seemed hell-bent on interrogating me about several aspects of dogma and doctrine.

I didn’t understand why he was coming at me like this, but I felt like he was challenging me and questioning me and he almost always seemed surprised by my answers, supposedly because they are not the typical answers that a typical Christian would give.

I feel no need to insist that God is real or that I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior to anyone.

I believe in these things due to faith and faith doesn’t require concrete evidence, so I have nothing to prove.

Furthermore, I feel no obligation to exhaust myself trying to explain to someone why I believe in anything that I believe in. I just state that I believe in something and if I feel like explaining why I will, but in general I feel that most people are seeking debate to disprove beliefs and that is a discussion I do not care to engage in.

For me, I really desire everyone, Christians, atheists and other religious folk to respect other beliefs and leave well enough alone. As long as the belief is no harm to another person than it ought to be respected in my eyes.

Personally I do not understand the raging atheists who are hell-bent on destroying and creating doubt within any believer that they come across. At the same time, being aware of the many abuses the church has committed, I can sympathize somewhat with their rage.

Having the bias of growing up as a pastor’s daughter, and being the granddaughter of a pastor and an usher as well, the grand niece of two Roman Catholic Nuns, a cousin to a now former priest and several other clergy that I am unaware of within the family. Since the people I love who love me are not only Christian but are devoted servants of the church, my outlook on Christians will be prejudiced to Christians automatically equaling immediate kindness.


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