Why the terms Black & African American do not deeply resonate with me

I am aware that Race Matters although it is a creative construct by humankind. I also know that many terms have been used to address what we now call black people or African Americans such as colored negro and Afro Americans. These are not names that we chose for ourselves but rather racial categories that were chosen for us for a purpose that was heinous. I don’t believe that labels or categorisation is inherently Wicked because we categorize everything such as names for the fruits in the market or names for the varying colors inglot’s on clothes. We use those names and colors to discriminate. My favorite color is red so I will specifically seek clothes that are read over other clothes that are not red. Doing this is not wrong but doing it with him people and social Realms is wrong because it eliminates the character of the person and the skills of the person and the abilities of the person to be taken into consideration. People, human beings comma should be selective due to skill and character and good morals. However due to the centuries-long systemic oppression these categories come with a weight of a history of toxic stereotypes and detrimental mentalities. Our own language has many negative associations with the word black and many positive associations with the word White. Words meanings can be changed and Concepts can be altered but it takes time to do so and it is a constant battle and contradiction to the mainstream media’s portrayal of what black is and what is not. I have noticed movements increasing in appreciating and celebrating and changing the association with Blackness to Excellence and black romantic and achievement. Those are all things that I support but at the end of the day I see myself to the core of my being as an individual spirit and soul within a temporary vessel on a temporary plate and a temporary time and a temporary dimension. My blackness does not Eclipse my Humanity nor does an eclipse my character nor doesn’t Eclipse all the other aspects of me as an individual. Even though I acknowledge that for some people outside of myself that that Blackness will Eclipse all those things I’m not going to focus on that unfortunate truth and make it concrete roof for my personal outlook on myself. Therefore yes I will not hesitate to say that I am proud of my blackness however my blackness is an aspect of me a part of a complex combination of several identities for who I Define myself to be. My blackness at least to me is not the most important part of who I am nor is it the most significant part of who I am. As far as the term African-American I have stated in a previous blog that I do a knowledge my African Heritage which is 7 Generations behind me but I would not state that I myself am an African person due to the fact that I was not born on the African continent and some nationally that is an inaccurate statement. Geographically and nationally I am an American citizen even if I’m not treated as an American citizen if we’re focusing on simple facts that is what I am. One can argue that nationality is also a human creation that these landmasses have no name until we named them and have no boundaries until we created them and so in essence there is no such thing as an African person or an American person but rather that those terms are also just as arbitrary as racial terms. It is important however to use specific labels to explain specific struggles endured by specific groups of people because we do not all struggle equally. I take no offense to being called or referred to as black or African-American and I use both terms interchangeably very frequently but if someone asks me if those terms have a deep-rooted meaning to me do they resonate deep within my soul the answer is no. I would say if I had to choose one of the other I would probably choose black over African Americans simply due to the fact that I am not an African person. At the same time however having tan skin as well as looking at people who have brown skin of all tones or fair skin that’s almost passing that are considered black I feel that it’s an extremely broad term to describe a skin color complexion. However we must remember the purpose for which these terms were made in the first place which was not a simple innocent identification but rather a sinister well thought-out system to exclude a certain group of people from access to wealth and societal equality and elevation.


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