The Danger of Loyalty to a Community Even in cases of Extremism

-this blog is unfinished and will be finished in the future

I am a bleeding heart liberal, but I do not believe in extremes.

It really breaks my heart to see the viciousness unfold online and while yes, being liberal and being bias to liberalism, in my humble opinion, in my personal experience, it has been conservatives who have shown more extremism than liberals.

Since I have not been on the other side for most of my life this is only an opinion, I cannot statistically prove that one side practices more extremism than the other.

I also am in a position in which I am not able to be accepted by conservatives for several reasons, so even if I had conservative views, several identities prevent me from being welcomed in a conservative space.

There are people who don’t believe there are conservative women, POCs or LGBTQ people and there are. The believe is that their identity defines their lifestyle and the belief is that their lifestyle is stereotypical.