What I Disliked About Sailor Moon

  • This is an unfinished blog and will be finished on a later date


I love the show Sailor Moon! I probably loved it much more when I was younger and now I love it in more of a fan sense, rather than someone who actually views Sailor Moon episodes non-stop. Back when Sailor Moon came out on Toonami, there were little to no Sailor Moon paraphealia in stores to buy. If there had been I would have had a Sailor Moon room, complete with an SM bed sheet, shower curtain, mat, posters etc.

Now that I am older, thanks to stores like Hot Topic, as well as others, there is a surplus of SM paraphenalia. Youtube also offers access to watching whatever episode I desire, subbed or dubbed. With that being said, those are positive aspects that I enjoy that are outside of the actual show’s content. For the next following paragraphs, I will talk about what I disliked about the SM show and why.

Firstly, Sailor Moon did not deserve to be leader, until later. Sailor Moon was a crybaby, she was gluttonous, lazy and performed poorly in school. She was naive and not the smartest girl, she also made impulsive decisions and rarely could focus on the mission at hand. She was more concerned with her social and romantic life than here heroic duties.

Granted, Serena was a fourteen year old high school girl who had the heroine role dropped on her out of nowhere. She had lost her memory and all of the this new information was a lot for her to handle. In my second point I’ll discuss the fact that SM had no training prior to the information of her hero mission being introduced.

Who Would Make The Best Leader out of the Sailor Scouts?

I felt that several of the other scouts would have made greater leaders than SM despite their flaws. Sailor Mercury would have been an excellent leader because she always focused on the mission at hand and analyzed their enemies progress, targets and weaknesses. Honestly, without Sailor Mercury, I feel the team would have failed. It is not to say that the other scouts did not have excellent skills to offer, but I definitely think focus and analytics of an enemy are core necessities for any soldier.

Sailor Mars would have been a great leader, except for her temper. Sailor Mars also had a rivalry with Sailor Moon and even though I too questioned her leadership (as a viewing fan) if you are on a team, it is important to work with the team and to respect the leader in charge (unless they are a tyrant.) SM was unfit, I agree on that, but she was no tyrant. She cared very deeply for people in general and the scouts. SM constantly fought and teased her and even flirted with her crush/boyfriend/fiance/future husband Tuxedo Mask. Rei even went on a date with him!

Sailor Jupiter was very strong physically but I feel that she lacked in focus and analytics unlike Sailor Mercury. For fighting and strength purposes Sailor Jupiter is the best.

Sailor Venus I feel would not make a good leader because she is boy crazy, just like Serena and very similar to Serena’s personality. She is more accomplished however, and already a celebrity, and in some series, she is the leader of the scouts. Still, I don’t feel that personality wise-she is the best choice. Again she lacks focus and analytics.

Sailor Uranus is a total soldier. She does what she is directed to do, regardless of morals. She was prepared to kill to save the masses. I’m not about to get into a masses vs. the individual life saving conundrum argument, but I feel that, to be a really good soldier, and I could be wrong, it’s important to think deeper than just being a direction-oriented drone. I think on an ethical, moral level, no person should simply follow the directions of another person or ideal simply because they believe in it. That leads to justification of genocides.

Sailor Neptune was very similar in fighting for the same ideals that Sailor Uranus had. She saw a threat and her mission was to destroy that threat to save the masses. The collateral damage of killing Hotoru was not more valueable than the entire Earth and universe. While I agree, I feel that SU and SN made no attempts to save Hotaru or find another way around that. They never tried to seek out a way to exorcise the demon from her body or any other alternative method. Ironically, the very ones who tried to kill her became her surrogate parents.



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