Should Women Only Procreate with Alpha Men?

Right now I feel that in American society it is being more encouraged that ever that women should have sex with whatever man they desire to have sex with simply because they want to, it’s their body, and they have that right.

At the same time, if we look at how nature works, if that matters to you, female animals are much more selective in their choosing of sexual partners and they have sex for the purpose of procreation.

Animals care about making the best of the best offspring to carry on strong attractive genes.

Humans can fall in love and have sex without wanting to procreate.

With that being said, just because we can sleep with whomever we want, does that mean that we ought to?

Also humans frequently disagree on what an “Alpha Male” is.

Alphas Males can be total assholes, even abusive. All Alpha Male means in nature is that they are the male with the best genes, that they are the strongest, fastest and most attractive. Alpha Males have the ability to fully provide for as many female partners as they have.

So I’m trying to figure out, how in the world do women have sex with men that can’t and don’t provide? And how do these beta men even begin to argue about being friend-zoned and rejected when thy are bringing nothing attractive to the table?

This is one of the reasons why rich men tend to get all the ladies. They have the ability to provide.

Even though humans can and do defy nature, it is still a big part of our subconious actions.

I never HAVE been a believer in just doing whatever one wants because they can and I am definitely against women making poor and impulsive decisions in having sexual partners who are beneath them.

One might argue, well hey, there are women who simply want an itch scratched, and that’s no crime right?

It’s a crime when possible babies will suffer for the rest of their lives knowing that they were born to parents who don’t care about them and did not want them.

I’m speaking about people who don’t use proper protection and have raw unprotected sex frequently with partners who are terrible candidates.

Why would you let a sub par man hit though? Why? He doesn’t deserve access to your body like that!

But some women use sex for other reasons. Some women use sex as a weapon to get things.

Some women don’t feel sex is something to be earned but that it’s a mutual desire that both men and women have and should have the freedom to act on whenever with whomever.

I’m not arguing that we should have that freedom restricted. I’m arguing that just because we have it doesn’t mean we should act on it.

A lot of children who were unplanned suffer because of this kind of reckless behavior.

To the women who have frequent sex and protect themselves, there is still the emotional factor. I am a full believer in the sacredness of sexual acts and that parts of people’s spirits entwine with one another.

I am aware that is not everyone’s belief, and I am also aware that some people feel that is strictly a female reaction and that males can walk away easily and unscathed by various sexual partners. The latter two are not my beliefs.

Sex is serious and people don’t take it seriously enough. Just because I disagree with someone’s actions doesn’t mean I feel that I have to take their right to free sex away but I will voice that I think it is not in anyone’s best interest, male or female, especially considering how many STD’s are out there these days, to have sex often with whomever, however.

Yes. I am a woman. I believe it is a privilege to let any other human being enter my body. That’s incredibly intimate, incredibly intrusive and incredibly vulnerable.

I am not a believer that any man I find attractive, deserves full access to my body.

Honestly, that kind of behavior is quite dangerous and unhealthy for so many reasons.

But hey, to each their own, you have the freedom to do you boo boo.

But as for me, I am the cream of the crop, I am the best of the best, so I feel I deserve no less than the best of the best.

I don’t really care to let anyone less than the best have access to the most intimate parts of me, body, soul, mind, spirit and heart included.




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