My Own Cultural & Linguistic Creation

  • this blog will be finished on a later date

Sometimes there questions as to what would be my own ideal culture and language if I could create one of which I plan to in the upcoming books that I write. I would like to write some aspects of my own ideal culture down because these might be things that other people might resonate with as well.

I want to live in a culture where gendered language includes both, neither, all and the female equivalent for everything. Words like mankind are inappropriate because it completely cuts out more that half the human population, women, you know, the humans who actually carry and deliver humanity?

I want all occupations to have person coming afterwards so we have mail people not mail men only.

I want there to be a genderless third person singular so that mis-gendering people with the wrong pronoun is a non issue as well as my term for God can be non-gendered. One pastor told me that I could simply say God over and over with no pronoun.

There is a genderless third person term, ze, but it is lesser known by most people. The idea for this was also introduced to me by my Mandarin Chinese language acquisition which showed me their third person pronoun ta which is genderless in speech, but gendered when written in character form.

I want there to be a Misters, for married men. It really does show our sexist biases that married women’s names are changed, but men’s aren’t and I always wondered that as a little girl. Isn’t it a problem that a man who is married cannot be identified but a woman can? Introducing yourself as Misters Wright lets people know that you are taken.

I’m not saying that stops people from cheating or “cheatees” from pursuit, but it is a claim and a label that states that one acknowledges their unity within their own title and that really says something. I am also a fan of the growing trend of hyphenating the last name because, honestly, why as a woman would I want to lose my family name? It has great significance to me. I want to keep it. It reminds of my lineage, and my father’s family is not the only one that matters.

I want birthdays to be celebrated for the mother too, who carried the baby in the womb for 9 months, or however long they did, 8 for some, in my case 10. For every month, the mother gets a present on that day.

Personally I never understood why birthdays were a celebration of us because, you literally did nothing to exist. It was your mother who made most of the effort to make it happen. I also think it’s a day that should pay homage to God for bringing one into existence in the first place and gratitude for thinking of one as being created.

I would like to live in a culture that highly reveres nature, like the Indigenous populations did. I want a society where everybody recycles regularly, reuses and reduces and does not waste. I want wasting energy, including electricity and talent to be deemed as dishonorable.

I was raised in a household where productivity is very important and I feel that as a society we could benefit from that attitude and action.

I want to live in a culture where everybody plants trees, that we have many areas with thick forests and that people live within them and tend to the plants. There would be many farmers, and fresh foods would be readily available.

I want to live in a culture where achievement and intelligence are encouraged, not stigmatized.

I want to live in a culture where beauty is only a slight aspect, but rather, the bittersweet things, the odd things, the ugly things, are also appreciated because they are all part of nature.