The Definition of Good

  • This blog will be finished on a later date

The definition of “good” should not be simply, “I am not doing bad things, therefore, I am good.”

“Good” should not be a simple negation of people who are actively bad.

What concerns me about the imbalance of “good” vs. “evil” in the world is that good people are often inactive, and not nearly as relentless or aggressive as evil people.

In order to balance things out, good hearted people need to be active, and just as active and relentless and aggressive as evil people.

Granted I say this in quotations because in reality all humans are capable of both and have both within them. I also say this in quotations because people do create their own definitions of what is good and what is evil. Some people have the outlook that nothing is “evil” or “good” and that those are just man-made concepts.

But apart from those thoughts, I want to focus on the inactive indifference of good people. I want to talk about what I have chosen to do to counter act some of the negative propaganda in the world.

There are plenty of days that I feel small. I want to have a big impact and change the world for the better, but I am a small fairly unknown individual on a large scale. I actually don’t care to be famous or scrutinized on a global level because that can be quite burdensome.

However I would like to