How The Kill Bill Cosplay Resonates With Me

-This blog will be finished on a later date

No worries, I have never actually killed anyone.

Kill Bill is a film about a woman who has been wronged who goes on an epic murdering spree. Her murderer of a jealous psycho boyfriend kills her fiance and friends and family at her wedding.

She thinks he has murdered her child too when she wakes up out of a coma from being shot. She also subsequently gets sexually assaulted while in her coma as well.

She goes through a myriad of harsh punishments from this crazy squad of assassins. She finally does Kill Bill, in Kill Bill 2 and discovers that her child is indeed alive.

How can I relate to any of this in my life?

Well, I cannot relate to the murder but what I can relate to is being in an abusive relationship with someone who is very jealous.

I can relate to being in intense martial arts Kung Fu self-defense training that is overly harsh and traumatic.

I can relate to being wronged by someone I love and thirsting for vengeance upon them.

For those reasons I love the character of Beatrix Kiddo and I also like the power of Miss.Ishii and Gogo Yubari, the girl with the spike ball.

I like how powerful all of these women were, how unstoppable and how determined they were in their actions. When they wanted something, they were determined to get it. This film had some of the strongest most badass female characters I have ever seen in film!


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