The Purpose of Unite Organization

This blog will be finished on a later date

Some people are very frightened by me and feel threatened by my intelligence. People are terrified of what they do not know and even more terrifying than that is meeting intelligent individuals from marginalized groups who know far more than they ever will.

It sounds like an arrogant statement at first, but it is a true one.

People are terrified of me because I am an intelligent Black woman and I am alternative, bisexual, an artist and I do not follow what everyone else is doing. I know myself and I have taken the time to explore who I am on a deep spiritual level. Most people are terrified to explore who they are in a full sense, and rarely explore or enter the worlds of others as well. I have done both and it has made me to be a much more well rounded worldy individual.

That being said, I fully believe in the active pursuit of knowledge. I have met individuals who are also very intelligent, but they are only book smart. What has always baffled me is the fact that people, must coexist with other people, and in a growing globalized world, most people have to deal with those different than them at some point in their lives. That being said, why is there such a lack of education on human relations, sociology and psychology? We don’t study each other nor ourselves enough. How many times has a villain who was insecure or ignorant destroyed a nation?

Learning about ourselves and each other on a deep level seizes wars from even beginning in the minds of those villains. If we see each other as human beings it is very hard for us to justify attacking one another. If we love ourselves as humans, if we realize that we are immensely loved, despite our imperfections, it would make all the difference in the world.

Originally, the reason I created the UNITE club was actually different that it’s end goal. The UNITE organization actually helped to change myself as well. Originally I wanted to create a ALLIES club similar to the Allies club that I attended at my first college. At my second college there was no Allies club. I wanted to create a club for Allies of the L.G.B.T.Q. community, and a safe space for those who identified as such.

Unfortunately however, I was not ready to endure the homophobia that exists within the Black community. I had also just come out the year before and I was only semi comfortable with my sexuality at the time. I was in no emotional position to lead a group surrounding that issue in that fragile state. I knew that there would be people asking may questions, possibly condemning the group and me, and I wasn’t ready for all of that heat to come upon me.

So I decided that I wanted to make a group regardless, but it would not solely focus on the safe space but rather include it. I also wanted to make an organization that was Multicultural because I was a part of numerous cultural groups on campus, but they were separate from one another. I wanted them to work together, we would be more powerful together, and if we worked together, we would learn about each other and exchanges skills and resources.

I had joined many organizations, too many to even remember, but here are some that I do.

The Latino Student Association, The Haitian Student Organization, The Caribbean Student Organization, S.W.A.U. (Spoken Word Artists United), The Methodist Student Organization, The African Student Association etc.

These groups needed help to stay afloat at times, and I knew that if we simply communicated with one another and banded together, we could collaborate and be stronger together. Problem was, advertisement was very poor, and very often, people said that they would have helped or attended things if they had just known about it.

I planned to correct that problem and make it my job to be aware of a myriad of cultural events on campus as well as meetings and fundraisers and report back to my group.

Many of the international students that I taught also expressed a desire to participate on campus but they were rarely made aware of social events going on. They were locked into an academic space and so desperately wanted to integrate into campus life of the American students. UNITE created a safe space to make friendships that would have been harder to form organically.

Many international students were very insecure about their lack of English proficiency and so they wanted to meet American students to speak with but they were too full of anxiety to take the first step and break the ice and speak to one themselves. Unite created a space where the International students could attend and learn about American culture, American perspectives and social gatherings on campus.