Thank You to New Followers

Honestly I am so grateful to have a platform to express free speech because I know that not all people have that opportunity.

I am also grateful to have had the education I received to be able to express that to an audience that otherwise may not have been aware of certain cultural and linguistic differences that exist.

I want to bridge those gaps and educate the academic community on how we can better reach our students who come from backgrounds and environments that may differ so much from our own.

It means a lot to me that others would like to listen and I think I have some very importantĀ information to share. When we take the time to listen and better understand one another it truly does make a difference.

Thank you for following, thank you for sharing, thank you for being open to learning and understanding.

You are awesome!

No guarantees but I will begin taking requests. If there are blog topics you would like me to cover if you comment them below I will consider a few.

Thank you!


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