If you wish to send me an email about my blog or an art consultation, you can contact me at:

instagram: risingphoenixmasterpiece

facebook: risingphoenixmasterpiece

youtube channel: risingphoenixmasterpiece

Please feel free to view my artwork in my online galleries. I will post local upcoming exhibitions as well.


If you wish to view my cosplays please contact me at:

instagram: trilllatrillcosplay

twitter: trilllatrillcos

tumblr: trilllatrillcos

facebook: trilllatrillcosplay

youtube: trilllatrillcosplay


If you would like to learn language from me please contact me at:

facebook: Learn Spanish with Senorita Madelina

facebook: Aprende Ingles con Miss.Madeline

youtube: Rambler LangEduc